Artist Statement

The objects that make up my body of work function as metaphors for specific places or memories from my life. As a result, this accumulation of memories are the basis for these somewhat abstract forms, reminiscent of both man made and natural objects.  These ambiguous forms can be approached by the viewer as something not foreign, but relatable. Through interpretations and associations, the viewer can form their own relationship with the piece.

My discovery of the Wunderkammer, or “Curiosity Cabinet,” catapulted me into the world of collecting and the bizarre history of collections. The Wunderkammerʼs function was to display collections of bizarre and mysterious objects gathered from travels to exotic places. My work is both a souvenir and a specimen, depending on the interpretation of the viewer. It is to be admired as a physical manifestation of an experience or studied as an artifact that tells the story of our contemporary culture.

My chosen media of clay includes delicate details and multiple firings, therefore producing unique results that are beyond my control. As I explore the process of collecting, I am experimenting with combining found objects and non-ceramic material with various clay bodies and glazing techniques. Part specimen, part daydream, and part personal history, it adds up to a body of work that pays homage to the place I inhabit.

© Christine Colby 2014